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Automatic correction and calibration technology

The innovative

automatic correction and calibration technology

- calibrate itself every time the equipment is turned on

There are many natural factors that affect the accuracy of a blood pressure monitor, such as ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, height and latitud. In addition, after a certain period of use, the influence of the compenents quality and components aging problem should not be neglected.

With this patented automatic correction and calibration technology, each time the OSTAR heart spectrum blood pressure monitor is turned on it performs an internal check of the measurement accurancy according to the surrounding enviromental conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, height , latitude, etc. and its components status. If any difference outside the tolerance of the built-in setting is found, the OSTAR heart spectrum blood pressure monitor will conduct an correction accordingly and calibrates the equipment to re-establish the measurement accuracy.

The automatic correction and calibration technology ensures that every measurement made by OSTAR heart spectrum blood pressure monitor is of the same accurancy, regardless of when and where the measurement is performed.

With the OSTAR HK-809 heart spectrum blood pressure monitor, every measurement is as accurate as it should be!

The regular calibration is important for a measurement equipment

Calibration is important wherever measurement results are important for user, so that the user can rely on that and then fulfill their purpose for monitor, control and etc.

The calibration defines the accuracy and quality of the measurement recorded with a equipment. Over time, the results and accurancy of a measurment equipment tend to "drift", especially when using certain technologies or measuring certain parameters such as temperature and humidity. To ensure the results measured are accurate and reliable, and the measurement itself is repeatable, there is a constant need to maintain and calibrate the measurement equipments throughout their life of service.

The goal of the calibration is to minimize measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracyof the measurement equipment. The calibration quantified and controls errors or uncertainties within an acceptable level during the measurement process.

The advantage of OSTAR's automatic correction and calibration technology

Due to speific technology and equipments are required to implement a calibration, the calibration service is usually offered only by the authorised service centers. In most cases, the use must bring or send the measurement equipment to the authorised service centers.

With the patented innovative automatic correction and calibration technology, the OSTAR Heart spectrum blood pressure monitor can not only save your effort in managing the calibration requirements, but also guarantee the accurancy of each measurement at any time.