Measurement with Application

Before starting the measurement with the measurement application

Turn on the OSTRA heart spectrum blood pressure monitor by pressing the green "ON/OFF" button.

Wear the measuring cuff around the left/right upper arm and comfortably tighten it around 2 cm above the elbow joint. Make sure that the cuff can be turned slightly around the arm.

Make sure the cuff is located at the same level of height of the heart. Straight the arm and adjust the cuff to keep the tube parallel to the midline of the arm and straighten to the middle finger.

Sit comfortably on a chair, preferably with back support, and relax.

Step 1

On the main page of the application, please click on the "START" button to start the measurement.

If you are not the only user of the measurement application in the smartphone you used, please make sure that the name of the current user appeared on the main page is yours.

Step 2

While measuring, please keep your arm and body still, breathe normally and lightly until the measurement is completed.

When the measurement is completed, the equipment will deflate the cuff quickly until the sensed pressure in the cuff is zero again.

In case of emergancy

If you feel uncomfortable or have problems while the OSTAR HK-809 heart spectrum blood pressure monitor inflates the cuff or performs the measurement, you can press the green button "ON/OFF" on the right side of the OSTAR HK-809 heart spectrum monitor to interrupt the measurement. As soon as the "ON/OFF" button is pressed, the OSTAR HK-809 heart spectrum blood pressure monitor deflates the cuff immediately until the cuff is completely deflated.

Step 3

When the OSTAR HK-809 heart spectrum blood pressure monitor completes the measurement, it immediately conduct an analysis of the results. As soon as the analysis is completed, all data are transmitted to the measurement application via Bluetooth.

The measurement application then lists all the measurment data on the screen with diagrams to visualise the results of the measurement.

Click on the option "Next" to view the Analysis results of the measurement data.

Afterwards click on the option "Return" to return to the main page of the application.